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Here are the guidelines we suggest you to follow:

  • Word Count: 800 – 1000 (Recommended by us – 1080 words) You can go beyond it if your article is very informative or DIY or How to.
  • 1 paragraph should have 5 sentences maximum
  • 1 sentence should have not more than 6 -7 words
  • For any references ( statistics, reports, data, research , brand name , a case study by companies) a link should be provided.
  • Use headings & sub headings while writing
  • Use more verb form of words
  • Use less passive voice
  • Use transition words
  • Use grammarly to improve level of language & grammar. 
  • Make the content more interactive
  • Use atleast 1 image for every 200 words
  • End your content with a pitch that intrigues audience to read more articles or use your services.
  • content should be 100% original.

Image guidelines:

  • Images should be relevant
  • You can attach infographics – In case of original infographics let us know we will give you a credit.
  • If an image/ infographic taken from other sources, please attach a link with original source.
  • Any post without images will be declined. 
  • You don’t have to create featured image necessarily, our team can provide you with this.

Link Guidelines:

  • You can attach 2 links supporting / mentioning your company/ site.
  • 5,6 links can be linked to references ( exception only if the links are insightful)
  • One link will be provided to your author bio, there can be multiple authors