Complete Guide To Reddit Marketing in 2020

A Reddit Marketing Guide for 2020 and beyond

marketers guide to reddit

Complete Reddit Marketing Guide:

Reddit is one of the busiest sites on the internet. The special thing about Reddit is that every weird theory, meme, etc., originate from a subreddit. You can find the most obscure story and the most inspirational story under the same thread. This is because of the unique design of Reddit, which calls itself a social news platform rather than a typical social media platform. Hence, their tagline, “The Front Page of the Internet.”

Another point worth noting is that you can’t transfer your comment and/or link karma to another account. Hence, think before finalizing and working on marketing. 

Here is a Reddit marketing guide for Beginners to learn more about the platform.

So, For example have a look at this image here:

What is reddit karma

Reddit Marketing 101

Redditors are common people who are looking for unique, interesting, funny, and cute things. Unlike other social media sites, Reddit doesn’t care about who you are friends are! It is you who matters. Maximum Reddit users identify themselves as White males in the age group of 15 – 35. Majority of the users are from the USA and Canada. Most of which are students who own a bachelor degree or studying for a bachelor degree. (source)

Having said this, Reddit has a loyal and growing community from across the globe. Better than most social media platform. Hence, you need to find the right subreddit or your marketing campaign would be a waste of time.

What makes Reddit such a good platform for marketing?

Stats on Alexa shows that each user spends an average of 8:47 daily. Each day, the site receives millions of unique users. All of them are seeking things to click on. As said before, they want to know something new. Hence, users are actively seeking you and your company.

Reddit marketing guide

Such potential can attract a lot of clickbait by clicking on short links and installing malware and other junks. However, Reddit doesn’t allow short links, you have to post the whole damn thing. As there is no shortage of characters like on Twitter. Such transparency increases the user’s faith in the site.

How should you begin your Reddit marketing campaign?

Worry not, we have covered everything  step by step in our Reddit Marketing Guide:

  • Find subreddit with your targeted audience: This is the key to a successful marketing campaign. You need to find a subreddit with your target audience. As said before all users are willing to seek new things, but the place is important. For example, if you are targeting Indian engineering student for an educational website. You find a subreddit with the title “Indian TV series.” Now, you have a subreddit with the right audience. However, they are not present in the thread to read about educational website. Hence, find a subreddit which suits your pitch and audience.

If you can’t find the right place to post your content, there is still a way, you just need to be creative. Imagine you are an internet publication and you published a story about a new sports record. Then you post your story in the subreddit “/r/todayilearned.” People often visit these thread for tidbits and interesting facts. 

  • Reddit is a social site: What most people forget while campaigning is that Reddit is a social site. You need to interact with the people in your subreddit. This doesn’t mean only reply to people on your post. Browse other threads, upvote relevant comments, and leave your comment as well. This will grow your profile in the community as a genuine contributor. This will bring in more upvotes on your post, which ultimately gets your content to the top of the pile and even on the front page.

Customize Reddit for your benefit:

Opening Reddit for the first time can be overwhelming as a lot of things are happening at the front page of the internet. Hence, it is smart to dump things you don’t want from the page and includes stuff which reflects your interest.

Reddit marketing guide

When you are on a subreddit that interest you, just press on “Frontpage” button on the top right to display it on your front page. It will also feature in “most frequently used” categories under your profile. Or you can follow fellow marketers who are running a successful campaign. You can view subreddit which they are following on their front page and then follow yourself. This will help filter the noise and be exactly where you want to be.

Another benefit of customizing the front page is you can easily see which kind of post are popular among your targeted audience. Then you can shape your content in a similar way. For example, if you are marketing a dating app, search what people are searching in regards to dating. See their comment and then shape your content accordingly.

How to post your content to create a buzz?

  1. Well, the first step is to research a lot, from sub – reddit to popular post. Everything that is mentioned above
  2. Post your content at a time when your audience is active the most. Be active on Reddit, and you will know when it is.
  3. Always think long and hard about your post titles. They should be in a way that creates curiosity in the reader’s mind.

For example, five ways to get an offer at a store is a good but monotonous title, it will get some hits, votes, and bring traffic. However, a more smart title would be “Clever ways to save money at a store.” This will bring more traffic and upvote than the previous title as you are bringing a personal touch to the title.


You can judge your success when your post gets a lot of upvotes and mentioned at other threads. For instance, when a post from r/YouShouldKnow gets mentioned in /r/TodayILearned. This will only help you bring more traffic.

Who is Reddit Good for?

Well, there is no official rule on which things can be marketed in Reddit. But there is an underlying fact which you need to be aware of. Reddit is not a place for an average marketer. Time and time again, many people register an account and post up traditional sales articles or pitch. They expect sane people to read it and go to their traffic. However, Reddit is filled with internet-savvy people who will not show any mercy. Hence, there are some types of blogs and subjects that do exceptionally well on Reddit. They are:

  • Personal stories which are inspirational, heartwarming, and filled with challenges, incredible odds.
reddit & subreddits
  • Informative sites and stories that have an unheard or weird fact about history, disease, movement, or anything else.
  • Photography and art
  • Politics (Global news and individual countries as well)
  • Religion is a very passionate topic (including atheism),
  • Cannabis including Marijuana
  • Video games (console and MMORPGs)
  • Technology (computers, browsers, gadgets, programming)
  • Science, Music, and Comics.
  • Food and Fitness

If your blog or website doesn’t feature any of the above types. Check if there is a /r/subreddit made for it or nor. If not, then create one and invite users to join it.

Remember, this isn’t a platform where you can manipulate the system with fake stories and numbers. You need to be authentic and creatively different to shines in the crowd.

Should you use Reddit Ads to drive Drive?

A short and simple answer is yes. You can use Reddit Ads to get your post guaranteed featured on the front page. You can either show your ads on All of Reddit (untargeted ads) or only on a few chosen subreddits (targeted ads). The best thing is Reddit has a self-serving advertising FAQ which will answer all your questions related to how to set up your ad campaign and promotion with Reddit for your Reddit Marketing campaigns.

We haven’t include a detailed Paid Reddit Marketing guide, but this is how your ads section in Reddit look like:

how reddit ads look

The best example of a successful ad marketing strategy is DuckDuckGo. It is a search engine startup by Gabriel Weinberg, who was able to grow his brand phenomenal using Reddit ads. His brand was able to achieve a certain kind of audience and image thanks to the ads and the valuable feedback he received on his post on Reddit.

Reddit loves itself and not your marketing strategy!

As you are already figured out, Reddit is different from other social sites. Other sites are centered around the users, while Reddit is a structured system with users in it. Hence, to run a successful market campaign, let look at some example.

Nissan is a huge company and easily recognizable. It entered Reddit to inform people about a good car, and its features. It didn’t said anything about its car, but it highlighted the main feature its car had to make it an affordable car. It worked in a huge way.

A similar example is Transamerica. This small finance company entered financial subreddit and posted a lot of Reddit targeted blog which gave financial advice. They introduced themselves as a friend of the community instead of marketing. Their campaign is one of the most successful in the world. (here is a link to their subreddit in case you want to check it out)

Should you use any other marketing tools for the campaign?

reddit toolbox

Well, the answer depends on you are marketing. We suggest you began your marketing, slowly and steadily you will know for yourself if the strategies are working or not. If you face any difficulties, then don’t hesitate to use tools. We are listing a couple of useful tools:

  • Reddit Insight: This tool will tell you which posts are working in your favor and most importantly, which aren’t. The tool does so by tracking data analytics for your Reddit accounts and posts.
  • Reddit Enhancement Suite: This will help surf Reddit smoothly, you can tag users, respond to comment easily and more.

Final Word on Reddit Marketing:

Reddit is the wild dog which can’t be tamed easily, but if you are able to tame it, you will receive lots of benefits. However, the journey isn’t as easy as you might think. If you are targeting a specific niche which is unique and simply eye-catching, then you have a good chance at marketing your product. But you needn’t be afraid of criticism and be bold in your action. Soon you will see massive traffic coming from Reddit.

Still confused? or you have more questions or there’s something that we can improve in our Reddit Marketing Guide? Drop a comment in the comments section and we will answer!

You can also ask our team to help you out with your digital marketing, just drop your contact information here and someone from our team will shortly get back to you.

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