How to Promote Blog in 2020 : 15 Tips & Tricks to High Traffic

 A research by Hubspot says “ 53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority. (Hubspot) “

Are you one of those marketers wondering how to promote your blog in 2020? With all the Google updates rolling out SEO trends and tactics are changing drastically.

Just doing SEO on your site won’t help you gain traffic that your blog deserves!

Another fact: There are more than 20 billion blog post views each month on the WordPress platform. (That’s only WordPress!)

Even then, lot of marketers are still struggling with the traffic on their blogs.

After years of experience and A/B testing on different niches, I have found these tips to be useful and so I decided to pen it down for all my marketing fellows!

I am writing a really detailed article where you will see a step by step guide on How to promote blog in 2020.

Here’s a checklist of all the tips to sum it up, I will also tell you how to get there in details we go

1. Write blogs on new and trending topics

Better content can drive traffic to a blog by up to 2,000%. (Omnicore)

But how do you write better and appealing content that actually brings traffic?

Writing what you are expert at is a wonderful idea, however if the topics that you choose are outdated will not bring noticeable traffic.

To get better engagement rate and hike in your traffic graph.

You should always search for the most trending topic that you can write about.

How will you find it?

You can use paid tools like buzzsumo or you can use free tools like Google Trends

Let me show you how you can use this to promote your blog:

Google trends home screen
Google trends home screen

Type in the topic that you want to write about, use keywords here and you will see something like this image below:

After entering a query in Google trends
After entering a query in Google trends

For example:I am a digital marketer, I would like to write about something related to digital marketing and its trends. But the term “digital marketing “will be very broad and vague.

So, I typed in the term “Google Adwords” which is more specific

Here you can see trending data from past hour to last 5 years. You can also select a custom range for trending data for various geography and demography.

Trending data for various geography and demography

Trending data for various geography and demography


It also shows a variety of related topics and trending keywords that you can use

Related trending keyword data
Related trending keyword data

2. Be consistent & Select the right time to post and promote your blog

Once you write 21-54 blog posts, blog traffic generation increases by up to 30%. (Traffic Generation Cafe)

Make a routine to post a blog consistently be it 1 blog a month or 1 blog a day or 4 blogs a day but be consistent. That way your readers will know when to expect new piece of content which will increase your traffic exponentially.

You also have to make sure to see where your target audience is.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Which platforms my audiences use – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Quora,Reddit
  • What are the regions and time zones where they live – don’t post late in the night or very early in the morning.
  • What is the routine of your audience – are they office going people or are they house wives?

Decide your post scheduling and publishing time according to these factors.

3. Reply to every comment

This is an easy one.

Make your readers believe that you care for their opinion. Appreciate them for the value they add by leaving their comments. Even a little gratitude or thanks would do!

A simple way to reply your visitors
A simple way to reply your visitors

The readers who engage with your content are the ones that are most likely to become your regular source of traffic.

This is a way to build long term traffic!

4. Promote your blog on forums

Forums are the platforms where real people give real feedback.

If your content is good, you will get a lot of quality organic traffic.

Famous forums that get you can leverage are Reddit, Quora, Warrior forum and a lot more.

How will you promote your blog on these platforms?

  • Try answering to the questions that seem relevant to your blog
  • Ask questions on forums that lead the conversation towards the point where you can drop a link of your blog
  • Talk to the people in comments and engage with them

Here is an example that should help you start writing on forums:

Subtly promoting your blog while helping the community
Subtly promoting your blog while helping the community

In the image above we are trying to promote our recent blog Hashtags

I suggest answer as many questions as possible. Helps you gain lots of loyal traffic.

If you are new to forums check out my blog which will help you start with Reddit marketing Reddit Marketing Guide for 2019 and beyond 

5. Leverage the power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most underrated marketing tool right now.

A few facts about LinkedIn :

  • LinkedIn now has over 500 million members
  • Only 1 million usershave published an article on LinkedIn.
  • There are 9 billion content impressions in the LinkedIn feed every week.

I think these facts are more than enough to convince anyone that LinkedIn is the best place to get top quality organic traffic.

How do you use LinkedIn to bring traffic?

  • Use long form posts
  • Try to be interactive and real.
  • Use relevant hashtags and images.
  • Write to educate not to sell.

Here’s an example of my recent post on LinkedIn:

This post alone got me organic traffic of 1000, 4 client enquiries and 2 conversions from the enquiries. With 3691 views only.

All I did was writing content wittily enough to intrigue my readers into reading my whole blog. I am no LinkedIn influencer.

LinkedIn marketing for getting organic traffic
Example of a LinkedIn post

It’s not just blogs, but if you pen down a random thought nicely on LinkedIn it can provide you with a lot of quality traffic and conversions or sales if you have something to sell.

Look at another post where I have posted something that happened to me in my office.

LinkedIn marketing for getting organic traffic
LinkedIn marketing for getting organic traffic

This is the power of LinkedIn, which you can take advantage of. I will shortly post a definitive guide to LinkedIn too.

6. Keep updating your content

Bloggers who have a strategy of updating older content are twice as likely to report strong results.(Orbit Media)

This is one of the easiest yet the most effective tips. Well you might be wondering How to update your content?

You don’t have to rewrite the whole blog / article to achieve this.

You can simply do it by making changes in the images. In fact just changing the dates in the heading would do the trick too.

Have a look here:

How to update your content without making any major changes
How to update your content without making any major changes

Google craves for updated information doing this will let Google know that my website has the latest information and so my content will be given priority over others and hence more traffic.

7. Maintain Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is one type of email used in an email marketing campaign. As the name suggests, it often contains news and updates. Email newsletters aim to keep a business’s audience interested and, at the same time, very softly push them to do a required action. (Source)

News letters basically provide you a direct window to your audience’s inboxes.

Not only does it encourage loyal traffic but also helps you build your own brand.

You can simply add a small widget or code to your site and you are on your way to collecting emails.

For WordPress users:

We are currently using a WordPress plugin –  Newsletter

Go to plug-in section > add new > type in “newsletter” in the search bar >install and activate

Newsletter - A WordPress Plugin
Newsletter – A WordPress Plugin

After installation, it will take you to the plug-in set up screen where you will have to complete the installation.

Newsletter - A WordPress Plugin

Once the setup is complete, you will be redirected on the plug-in set up the dashboard. Where you have to add “Newsletter Minimal” and you are done!

Newsletter - A WordPress Plugin


  • Send a welcome mail to each subscriber
  • Send regular updates here for regular traction

8. Collaborate with other Bloggers

Another way to promote your blog is collaborating with other bloggers of your niche or your complementing niche.

There are 3 ways you can collaborate with bloggers:

Find a Blogging buddy – Become friends/partners with other bloggers and write blogs for each other. Give shout outs to each other. Endorse each other on various social media.

For example,we can talk about recent friendship between Neil Patel & Brian Dean. In this post We can totally see that Neil & Brian are blogging buddies!

How to promote your blog through collaboration
How to promote your blog through collaboration

Inviting other subject matter experts to write and contribute on your site and give them accountability

You can simply mail or just drop a message in people’s inboxes on social media like this:

A sample speech for inviting other bloggers for collaboration
A sample speech for inviting other bloggers for collaboration

Guest posting – Contribute to other relevant sites.

Here’s a small checklist by AndyCrestodina

Blogging checklist

Link & interlink your blogs to other blog posts:

Compounding blog posts make up 10% of all blog posts and generate 38% of overall traffic. (Hubspot)

When publishing blogs on other websites, make sure to link your other blogs in the same article. You can put any number of links as long as they are relevant.

This helps in diverting traffic of that particular site to your other blogs as well.

But keep an eye on these numbers as some guest posting sites have a restriction over how many links you can give to your site.

9. Hold a “Blog Contest ”

Holding a blog contest is a very clever way of getting traffic on blog.

You can hold a blog contest and just like any other event keep a prize!

Your takeaway in this will be tons of quality content for your site without having to spend money on writers.

How can you make this work for real?

  • Decide a topic or trend that is closely related to your niche
  • Invite bloggers for the event for an entry fee or for free.
  • Take limited entries &  decide a closing date
  • Review all the blogs & declare a winner
  • Make sure to announce the winner& promote that as well.

10. Optimize your blog for search engines

You can never forget this one.

All bloggers should make sure that their content is SEO proof

Here’s a small checklist:

  • Have a focus keyword –High search volume, Low CPC & use minimum 3 times
  • Key phrase length & Density– Use long-tail keywords. In every 500 words, a keyword should appear 3 times
  • Meta description length – Write a meta description, it helps crawlers know what your page is about
  • Headings & title – Using H1, H2, H3, H4, subtitles wisely
  • SEO title width- title should not be wider than the 600 px
  • Image alt attributes – Label each and every image
  • Text length – minimum 500 to any number of words that is informative, we recommend 800-1500 words.

11. Include blog links on your emails, signatures & business cards

How to promote using Emails without spamming links on your recipient’s faces?

I am not telling you to start sending links of your blogs on email to any random person. If anything this is going to harm your email reputation & even lead to domain blacklisting.

All you have to do it make your Email signature something like this:

Example of promotion through emails

If it is too hard to create this on your own you can use tools like Wise Stamp

12. Have a social sharing button

87% say that social media helps them boost their exposure. (Social Media Examiner)

Social sharing buttons enable readers to share your article instantly. This helps you give credibility and promotion of your blogs for free.

You can use simple widgets like Easy Social Sharing 

You can simply follow the instructions and your blogs will be ready to get some free promotion.

Another thing you can do is create a Gravatar profile ( make sure to register all your social media accounts & official websites.

This will help you get organic leads and self-branding!

Social sharing buttons on the left side of the screen
Social sharing buttons on the left side of the screen

13. Customize& transform blogs for each platform

All platforms have different word counts and unique audiences

And so make sure to create different marketable versions of each blog.

Twitter demands 280 characters so you can only use a witty one-liner plus 1, 2 hashtags.

Ideally how you post on twitter
Ideally how you post on twitter

While on LinkedIn, long-form posts get more traction. So make a microblog version of your current blog.

Ideally how you post on LinkedIn

And on Facebook, blogs with catchy images & videos for featured images work well. And therefore you should be concentrating more on images that would convert into clicks

Ideally how you post on Facebook

14. Turn your blogs into videos

Video content is 50 times more likely to drive organic search results than plaintext. (Hubspot)

That being said, why not convert your super useful information (your blog) into a summarized 30 seconds or a 1-minute video blog?

In fact, you can make very detailed video tutorials out of your blogs but research suggests:

If your video doesn’t capture audiences in 10 seconds, you will go unnoticed

So keep in mind to add value and make the first 30 second super interesting.

Here are a few tools you can use great for beginners:

  1. Biteable– Check it out here, (Recommended by me)

Adobe Spark – Check it out here

15. LeverageSocial Media:

If budget is not a constraint and you want traffic & traction quickly, You can use Paid marketing.

Let me tell you 5 types of marketing techniques that you can use to promote your blog:

Fb boosted posts – If you don’t know how to run ads on your own, Facebook has the option of quickly boosting your post.

fb ads 2

All you have to do is publish the post on Facebook and click the small “Boost” button.

Facebook will show multiple options like “send more people to your website” or “Getting more engagement & reactions

You can start as low as $3 or $5 (200 INR or 500 INR) per post

Leverage Fb messenger  –

Another adoption in the same boost ad section is “ messenger ads

1.2billion people use Facebook Messenger every month. Your ideal customer is using Messenger. (

Here is how these ads look like:

Fb ads

Its very simple, just put in the forecasted budget amount and click on “boost

Another way to leverage Messenger is to make lots of friends who share the same interest onFacebook and start sending messages saying:


Are you interested in _____

I have written _____ blog about it, Please check it out!

Let me tell you, this is a tried and tested trick and it works all the time.

Do you need expert advice on your current Content marketing strategy or Digital Marketing Strategies?  just drop a mail to the team!

Did you find the article helpful? Did you try out anything from the above tips? Let us know in the comments section or share it with your friends!

Rashmi Shrivastava

Rashmi Shrivastava

I consult businesses as a Digital Marketing Consultant where I help them kick start their Digital Marketing journey and solve their digital marketing challenges through my creative marketing strategies. Reach out to me in case you have something I can help with.

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