Content Marketing Strategies to Build Your Brand in 2020

Tired of searching for the right Content Marketing strategies? worry not!

As seasoned marketers, we can all agree on at least one point- brand building is no easy task in this day and age. With new brands sprouting in the cyber space daily, it’s tough to cut through the noise and reach your target audience.

Are you still trudging the traditional marketing trail?

Despite having a disruptive product to promote, are you still spending heftily (month after month) on paid campaigns, mailing list purchases, and trade shows to make your presence felt?

Research proves that the ROI of these strategies is not measurable.

You might end up becoming heavily dependent on a somewhat successful (!), non sustainable,and decadent strategy for establishing your brand and generating leads.

content marketing strategies - Comparing outbound and inbound marketing
Comparing outbound and inbound marketing

Or, you’ve tried blogging, telemarketing, email marketing, podcasts, webinars, and what not, individually an din combination, but your client’s brand is still lost in the woods.

You just can’t fathom what went wrong and why. Content marketing is becoming more baffling than a sci-fi thriller!

In either case, you need help with your content marketing strategies!

Content marketing, combined with other strategies, has a demonstrated history of being a potent brand-building tool. 

While 77% B2B marketers are using content marketing strategies for brand building, few are actually connecting with their audience.

93% are using content as a means of self promotion which is proving counterproductive.

Research proves that 45% people will un-follow a brand on social media if their content is dominated by self-promotion.

What can you do differently to make your client’s brand stand out?

After an in-depth research into what drives content-driven brand building, we’ve compiled a list of content marketing strategies that you can apply to build your brand in the year 2020:

Facts tell, stories sell

The #shareacoke campaign where users upload pictures on Coca Cola’s Instagram is a smart content marketing strategy example.

The campaign started in 2014 and helped the brand create an indelible bond with users worldwide.

Users got trending by attaching the share-a-coke hash tag, and Coke,facing flak for using GMO, humanized itself.

The payoff: Coke got loads of authentic, unfiltered visual content from its consumers that the company could use for years without investing a penny!

Content marketing strategies -Share a coke marketing campaign
Share a coke marketing campaign

A word of caution here: The consumer is not foolish; they will find out the truth.

When “All natural strawberry roll ups” were found to be having no strawberry, the backlash was terrible. The key is to be authentic.

Help first, sell later

Today, LinkedIn is recognized as a top career portal for hiring and job seeking globally.

Its Daily Rundown snippets, hand-picked job suggestions, and post/profile view analytics are all designed to help, not sell.

LinkedIn regularly posts well-researched content in varied formats so that users can access it through their preferred medium.

Its Secret Sauce Recipe for Marketing  eBook came with a Slide share deck and video as different users like to consume information differently.

Marketers need to swallow the bitter pill- buyers don’t want to be sold to.  Shift your focus to what they need instead of what you want them to need.

Become Personal

“Humans buy from humans,” says Hubspot’s Co-founder Dharmesh Shah

A corporate can humanize itself using its“About Us” page. On this page, have a timeline showing your journey, mission statement, and value system.

Team members sharing personal and professional stories will endear you to viewers.

 Use branding as a means to convey what you stand for and how you share your prospects’ value system.

The Harvard Business Review claims 64% of consumers cite shared values as the primary reason they have a relationship with a brand.

content marketing strategies - humanization in marketing
humanization in marketing

Keep Going

Research proves that a minimum of five to six impressions are needed for someone to remember your brand. 

Plus, consistent branding can be attributed to up your revenue by almost 23 percent.

Branding is how people perceive you and you cannot afford to confuse them.

Have a basic style guide and vet all types of content for consistency as per the guide.Align offline activities to online image.

content marketing tips - Walmart's style guide for branding
Walmart’s style guide for branding

The list is by no means complete. Hit the share button if any of this resonates with your content marketing strategies. Or, share your content marketing secret in the comments section. We’ll be glad to hear about it.

If you want us to take care of your content marketing strategy or help you with your content marketing, drop us a mail  and someone will reach out to you shortly!

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